Alexander “Sascha” MolnarFounder of Molnar Hockey

– Born and raised in Nitra, Slovakia. Alex has played competitive hockey since age 6 and went through all levels of hockey until retirement at the professional level in 2015. Notable highlights include Slovakian National U16 and U17 team member, NCAA and Pro player. Alex has been coaching and training hockey players since 2012. Alex currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Salem State University. Alex is the chief in charge of all on and off ice execution as well as recruiting the right staff in order to maximize each athlete’s and teams’s development.

Dr. Lisa DiasLeadership and Mental Strength Coach

– A native Canadian, Lisa has a background and experience hardly matched in the hockey development industry. Lisa went to University of New Hampshire on a full athletic scholarship (soccer and hockey). Lisa has been coaching youth soccer and hockey for 20+ years. Lisa holds a M.Ed in Health and Physical Education and a Doctorate in Education in Leadership and Learning. She is currently the Head of School at The World Academy, a prestige private school for girls and boys based out of Nashua, NH. Lisa’s main role is educating and mentoring all Molnar Hockey coaches and athletes on the mental and psychological part of being the best possible coach, athlete and ultimately person. Lisa and her husband Chris and their son reside in Nashua, NH.

Igor ZimanHead Strength and Conditioning Coach

– Igor is a native from Nitra, Slovakia and is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches across all sports and fitness industries. For over 30 years, Igor has been mentoring, training and educating athletes across all demographics and levels. He is highly sought out by professional hockey and street hockey players across Slovakia and has been involved with youth and professional teams his entire professional career. Igor holds a Masters degree in Teaching and Physical Education and is a certified strength and conditioning coach. Igor is responsible for executing the highest level of strength and conditioning plans with attention to detail in regards to nutrition, lifestyle and connecting all the dots in order to maximize each athlete’s physical demands. Igor and his wife and daughter reside in Nitra, Slovakia

Martin UhnakHead of Hockey Development Operations
– Martin is a native from Levice, Slovakia and has a rich hockey background which includes being the captain of the U20 Slovakian National team, playing professional hockey across two continents for over 10+ years. Martin holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education with a concentration on hockey coaching. Martin is responsible for the design and execution of all on ice curriculum tailored to individual and team needs.

Nikko JokiahoSkills Instructor/Coach

– Nikko , former Stoneham High School captain, will be assisting with on and off ice instruction. Nikko is currently playing on the UMASS – Amherst club team and has a positive energy all players he works with resonate with.

Caroline “KK” Harvey – Volunteer Assistant Coach –