Leadership and Mental Strength Training with Dr.Dias: (August-April)




A former two sport full scholarship recipient at the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Dias is an expert in leadership and training. She offers comprehensive leadership and ,mental strength coaching to teams all around the New England area and beyond.

Her training will be tailored to each team’s needs and will provide tools on how players and coaches cope with all the ups and downs a hockey season brings.

Lisa is a master in pointing out habits and thoughts that affect individual and team performance, weather it be positive/negative self talk, feedback to peers or every day “outside of the rink” life events/stressors athletes’ and coaches’have to deal with.

For best results it is recommended to hold a session at least every 6-8 weeks and each session can last 2 hours. Each consecutive session is designed to build up on the previous one and reinforces what has been already discussed/learned.

We are happy to travel to your team’s desired site to conduct these sessions. We want to maximize your comfort level and convenience as we understand time is a extremely precious commodity.

Cost listed is per session per team.

Contact us with questions.