Mission and method

Our mission is to help hockey players achieve their goals and reach their potential using elite level on ice and off ice training.


We provide our players with ELITE LEVEL on ice training (power skating, agility training, puck control and stick-handling) and SCIENCE BASED off ice training to support on ice performance.


We believe that consistency is key in building an ELITE LEVEL hockey player. We understand the road to become a “master of your craft” is long, takes patience, requires lot of sacrifice, attention to details, constant evaluation of training methods and understanding the player’s mental and physical state at any given time. Our staff has the necessary experience, education and background to build up anyone to become the best hockey player they can be. In the short term we will help YOU make that team you are looking to break into, we will help YOU add skills to your arsenal and we will help YOU feel prepared for “that” upcoming tournament. In the long term we want to help YOU be the best hockey player and leader YOU can be. We strive to make all our players be ELITE LEVEL ATHLETES and TOP NOTCH CHARACTER PEOPLE.


We believe, that without passion no potential will ever be reached. That is why all Molnar Hockey staff is selected based on specific criteria with HONEST PASSION FOR HOCKEY AND DEVELOPMENT being the #1. When we do things with passion, chances are you will do too! .