• During Phase II Re-opening Valley Forum Associates follows current State of Massachusetts guidelines. Per the current guidelines, as of 06/08/2020, up to 9 skaters + 1 coach can occupy one third, or half, of a full sized hockey rink
  • All participants must be youths under the age of 18.
  • All participants and coaches will arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to reserved ice time and will be dressed in advance of arrival, with the exceptions of skates and helmets. – Exception is made to off ice training outside of the hockey rink setting as long as social distancing rules are followed
  • All coaches and participants must leave the building within 15 minutes of the end of the reserved ice time.
  • Protective mask/face covering will be required and worn when entering the facility, mask will not be required during activities but will be required whenever social distancing is not possible.
  • All groups must abide by the state regulations requiring that all participants remain in groups/cohorts of 10 (9 youth participants + 1 instructor).  Additionally, those groups must remain 20 feet apart from other groups/cohorts on the ice, will socially distance and will not mix or mingle with other groups/cohorts of 10. 
  • The organizer and all other coaches will be responsible to ensure social distancing among players and coaches at all times when possible. 
  • Games, scrimmages and contact drills are not permitted, and I certify that our group will refrain from any such activity. 
  • For the safety of all customers, participants, coaches and employees Valley Rinks strongly recommends drop-off only for skaters.  If that is not possible, we understand that spectators are limited to 1 chaperone per participant and that spectator will be required to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. 
  • All participants must have been free of any symptoms of Covid-19 for a period of 14 days or more and have not been in close contact with any person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.  If any coach or participant displays symptoms of Covid-19 that individual will be required to leave the facility and we will notify the facility manager. 
  • All coaches and participants will achieve proper hygiene at the beginning and end of activities through hand washing or hand sanitizing. 
  • Locker room and shower areas will be closed during Phase 2 and I certify that our group will refrain from attempting to utilize any such areas of the facility. Players will be dressing/undressing & tying/untying skates in designated open areas with 6’ separation.
  • No shared food or water will be permitted among participants and coaches.
  • Even with these precautions in place, Valley Rinks cannot eliminate all risk associated with COVID-19. By choosing to make use of this facility, all participants and guests are assuming the risk that they may contract COVID-19 at the facility’s despite the Valley Rinks and GLS Associates Inc.’s best efforts to provide a clean and safe environment.